The ORION Open Science Podcast

A Metric for Optimism: John Ioannidis on Reproducibility, Preregistration, and Data Sharing.


John Ioannidis discusses his paper ‘Why most published research findings are false’.

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The Attrition of the Modern Scholarly Record

Tom Hardwicke argues that an extensive and ongoing attrition of the modern scholarly record is impeding important research activties and introduces the Data Ark project: an attempt to retrieve, preserve, and liberate the influential scientific data.

Are open data actually reusable?

Tom Hardwicke discusses why open data alone will not be enough to achieve the benefits envisioned by proponents of data sharing.

Where do the numbers published in scientific articles come from?

Tom Hardwicke describes how a recent attempt to reproduce findings reported in a sample of psychology articles revealed analysis pipelines peppered with errors.